Top Extension Choices To Transform Your House Into A Home

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Here at Lee Swingler, we’ve already talked about the benefits of home extensions and how they can add value to your home. But with a wealth of options for exactly what kind of extension to go for, it can be difficult to know what to choose to best suit your needs, or to fit what it is you want out of your home.

Above-Garage Extensions

Utilising space above your garage by extending your home is a great way to introduce extra space, and rooms, to your property without compromising on front or rear garden space. By choosing an above-garage extension you’re able to extend the upstairs of your home and provide an extra room or two to your property – whether you need an extra bedroom, en suite, second bathroom or simply somewhere for you to relax and enjoy your hobbies, this type of extension will seamlessly integrate with the rest of your house.

Loft Conversions

Loft conversions are a fantastic way to maximise on the available space in your property without having to actually have new structures constructed; all that’s required is renovation work in a space that’s already a part of your build. This way you’re able to add an extra room to your property for a variety of purposes; from a home office to a second living room.

If you’re looking to maximise on your home as well as add value to your property, look no further than our extension services here at Lee Swingler. Providing professional extensions in Northampton, you’ll be able to add extra space to your home with quality guaranteed. Call us today on 01604 585682 to discuss details of your dream project, and find out how we can help you.