The World’s Largest Lego Buildings

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The popularity of Lego shows no signs of diminishing, while constructions made out of Lego bricks seem to be of an increasingly big scale. A Lego version of the Kennedy Space Center, for instance, has been created out of 750,000 Lego bricks. It also covers an area of over 1,500 square feet. An aircraft carrier, a starship, an airbus, and a church are among other sizeable objects built with the aid of Lego bricks.

The James May House

One of the most impressive creations to be built out of Lego bricks was a full-size house. It was the first time that building a ‘Lego house’ had ever been achieved anywhere in the world, and it included a working toilet and shower. The house was also 20 feet high. More than three million bricks were used to create this impressive building, which was put together by British TV presenter James May – and around a thousand helpers.

Other Striking Lego Constructions

Other eye-catching Lego constructions include a Lego airport in Indonesia, models of sports stadiums, the London Eye, and a Legoland park. While a model of Times Square consists of around 20,000 Lego bricks. A Lego Montmartre is another stunning example of how Lego can be used in an aesthetically pleasing way. Models of the Queen Mary II and Barack Obama’s presidential inauguration have also been created through the use of Lego bricks.

The Tallest Lego Tower

The tallest tower ever to be made out of Lego bricks, some 465,000, was built in Budapest, Hungary with the help of experts from Lego itself. Standing over 36 metres high this tower, this breaks the record set previously at the Legoland in California, USA.

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