Expanding Your Business: Commercial Building Services From Lee Swingler

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Business growth is always incredibly exciting – not matter how small or large it might be. In turn, though, business growth also breeds physical expansion. Whether you run a retail business and want to open a new branch, or simply need to extend your current premises to meet your bigger business needs, we here at Lee Swingler can help.

Our professional commercial building services available throughout Northamptonshire can provide a whole host of building options to suit your new business needs.

Brand New Unit Builds

It may be that your business is expanding to the point where you’ve outgrown your current premises; whether it’s an office without enough room for your employees, a retail unit that’s too small for your stock or a warehouse that can’t accommodate your production rate. Or you may be expanding to the point where multiple sites are necessary – whatever your needs for a new build may be, our professional and high quality services can help.

We keep you fully informed and engaged during the whole process, ensuring that your new build fully meets all your requirements and that it meets building regulation standards for a hassle-free build. It also means your project and our work are both incredibly flexible to your needs, allowing your build to exceed expectations no matter what your needs might be.

We only use high quality materials and qualified, experienced teams of builders to ensure impeccably high quality and a flawless, professional end result.

Refurbishment & Extension Work

Expansion doesn’t always have to be as massive as needing a completely new building constructed; even building on your existing site with extension work or bringing your building up to a higher standard with refurbishment work can help. By extending your current site rather than moving to a new one, you’re able to reduce the costs of expanding while transforming your current buildings into something that specifically meets your new needs. Whether it’s increasing your floor space in a retail unit or expanding a warehouse to meet your increased storage needs, we can help.

Whatever your requirements are for your commercial building project, whether it’s a simple refurbishment or extension of an existing site or you need a completely new building constructing, then call us here at Lee Swingler today on 01604 585682 or fill out our online contact form to make your enquiry.